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8947 527 d 2 h leency /programs/cmm/eolite/ Eolite is in beta again because this is a general code refactoring and clean to get proper two-panes implementation and potentially multitabs support  
8946 527 d 12 h leency /programs/cmm/ KFM2: refactoring two-panes mode  
8945 527 d 13 h leency /programs/media/kiv/trunk/ KIV: fix rolled-up bug  
8944 528 d 6 h leency /programs/cmm/ cmm: proper testbit  
8943 528 d 10 h leency /programs/cmm/ Eolite: set proper size of the copy buffer (thanks id_doczom for a found issue)  
8942 528 d 20 h leency /programs/system/icon_new/ icons: fix  
8941 528 d 21 h turbocat /contrib/sdk/sources/sqlite3/shell/ SQLite3
Disable con_init_opt(causes strange console behavior)
8940 528 d 21 h turbocat /data/ SQLite3 added to distribution  
8939 528 d 22 h turbocat /contrib/sdk/sources/sqlite3/ SQLite3:
an attempt to fix an autobuild (2)
8938 528 d 22 h turbocat /contrib/sdk/sources/sqlite3/ SQLite3:
an attempt to fix an auto assembly
8937 528 d 22 h turbocat /contrib/sdk/sources/sqlite3/ SQLite3:
removed unnecessary define during compilation
8936 528 d 22 h leency /programs/cmm/clipview/ clipview: bugfixes and optimizations  
8935 528 d 23 h turbocat /contrib/sdk/sources/sqlite3/ SQLite3:
- shell and library added to autobuild
8934 528 d 23 h leency /programs/cmm/eolite/include/ fix build  
8933 528 d 23 h leency /programs/cmm/ clipview: rewrite and decrease the size twice (from 3847 bytes to 1958)
search: new app, alpha version
8932 529 d 8 h IgorA /programs/ kfar: add mouse event, clean code,
t_edit: small fix
8931 529 d 22 h turbocat /contrib/sdk/sources/sqlite3/ SQLite3:
Porting completed (demo VFS adapted for KolibriOS).
Now it can be used)
8930 529 d 22 h turbocat /contrib/sdk/sources/newlib/libc/sys/ Newlibc:
- Added a wrapper over con_init (for set console title);
8929 530 d 9 h IgorA /programs/ t_edit: fix load new lines 13,10  
8928 530 d 10 h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/gui/ kernel: Fix memory corruption of clipboard data.

There were a few off-by-one errors in window size calculation.
As a result, winmap update code corrupted clipboard structures.

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