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7148 844d 19h leency /programs/cmm/ backgen become iconedit v0.01  
7147 845d 15h leency /programs/cmm/backgen/ backgen 0.62: fix pipet position, implement move image up/down on the canvas  
7146 847d 02h serge /drivers/video/drm/ ati-4.6.7  
7145 847d 05h 0CodErr / add CONFIG_NO_JWASM to tup.config.template; check GCC in RunOD tupfile  
7144 847d 23h serge /drivers/video/drm/ i915-4.6.7  
7143 847d 23h serge /drivers/ ddk: v4.6.7  
7142 851d 18h siemargl /programs/games/sstartrek/ add Super Star Trek Game  
7141 851d 18h siemargl /programs/develop/tinybasic/ add&fix TinyBasic  
7140 854d 20h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/ use correct language for boot screen, broken in r7129  
7139 871d 04h leency /skins/Win10/ Win10.skn binary deleted  
7138 884d 04h leency /skins/ Upload Win10.skn by ConLenov, fix buttons position and name cases  
7137 892d 10h dunkaist / Remove more duplicates: doexe2.asm, network.ini, etc.  
7136 892d 13h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ Replace 'equ' macros with '=' ones.

They appear in symbols file.
They don't require parentheses.
They are shorter.
7135 892d 13h dunkaist /skins/_old/ Fix my skins testtest and mursky: don't kpack dtp files.  
7134 892d 13h dunkaist /programs/ Remove some duplicates:,,, etc.  
7133 895d 12h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/core/ Add tests to autobuild: mtrrtest and test_malloc.  
7132 895d 12h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ Update BOOT_DATA structure and use it instead of all the BOOT_* vars.  
7131 895d 17h dunkaist /data/ Try to autobuild UEFI loader. Strange, it works on my PC.  
7130 895d 17h dunkaist / Add UEFI stuff.  
7129 895d 18h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ Split bootbios.asm and kernel.asm.

* Move bios-related part of kernel.asm before B32 label to
bootbios.asm file;
* Move bx_from_load, boot_dev and kernel_restart_bootblock variables
to BOOT_* 0x9000 block;
* Update Tupfile.lua, Makefile, build.bat, accordingly;
* Now bios and uefi loaders can jump to very first byte of the kernel.

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