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6382 1469d 17h ashmew2 /programs/demos/SDL/ Add SDL Demo to sources  
6381 1469d 17h ashmew2 /contrib/sdk/sources/SDL-1.2.2/src/ Change NASM format from coff to win32  
6380 1469d 17h ashmew2 /contrib/sdk/sources/SDL-1.2.2/src/ Make SDL work with newlib as DLL  
6379 1470d 00h IgorA /programs/media/animage/trunk/ fix selection rectangle  
6378 1470d 23h guillem /programs/cmm/aelia/ Fix parsing symbols  
6377 1471d 03h guillem /programs/cmm/aelia/ Fix small bug in tag.h  
6376 1471d 03h guillem /programs/cmm/aelia/ Add special symbol "parsing"  
6375 1471d 03h guillem /programs/cmm/aelia/ Add special symbol "parsing"  
6374 1471d 03h guillem /programs/cmm/browser/ Fix small bug when the url has a slash at the end  
6373 1471d 21h leency /programs/media/animage/trunk/ fix toolbar.png and cursors a little, move cursors to a separate folder  
6372 1472d 00h cheptil /programs/cmm/aelia/ Fix bug with links in h tags and symbols width  
6371 1472d 03h IgorA /programs/media/animage/trunk/ add menu 'Filters',
add icons for select zoom
6370 1472d 07h cheptil /programs/cmm/aelia/ Tags h1, h2, h3 imaging support for Aelia  
6369 1472d 21h IgorA / animage: fix zoom buttons, optimize  
6368 1472d 21h cheptil /programs/games/FindNumbers/trunk/ Add English localization and configs for RUS or ENG build  
6367 1473d 06h leency /programs/media/animage/trunk/ Animage 1.51: update toolbar icons, pencil cursor
TODO: fix zoom buttons position
6366 1473d 08h leency /programs/cmm/ Aelia 0.36: port Download manager from WebView, fix two issues in it  
6365 1473d 08h IgorA /programs/media/animage/trunk/ fix startup instrument in 6364  
6364 1473d 09h IgorA /programs/media/animage/trunk/ make pencil startup instrument,
change cursors on work area
6363 1474d 01h clevermouse /programs/games/FindNumbers/trunk/ revert r6361 since it breaks autobuild  
6362 1474d 05h IgorA /programs/media/animage/trunk/ fix stack error in TakeButtonInstruments  
6361 1474d 06h cheptil /programs/games/FindNumbers/trunk/ Add English localization and configs for RUS or ENG build  
6360 1474d 20h IgorA /programs/media/animage/trunk/ small fix color button,
remove old code
6359 1475d 01h IgorA /programs/media/animage/trunk/ new menu from lib,
new command redo,
fix panel interface
6358 1476d 23h IgorA /programs/media/animage/trunk/ change scrollbars sizes  
6357 1477d 09h IgorA /programs/media/animage/trunk/ fix interface calculating,
fix scroll broken in 6352,
fix keyboard function
6356 1477d 12h ashmew2 /contrib/sdk/sources/ Fix SDL Makefile to use dll linker script  
6355 1479d 00h IgorA /programs/media/animage/trunk/ new fast algoritm for undo,
optimize code
6354 1479d 22h IgorA /programs/media/animage/trunk/ optimize code instruments  
6353 1479d 23h nisargshah95 /programs/system/gmon/ fix gmon flickering issue  
6352 1480d 06h IgorA /programs/media/animage/trunk/ fix scroll bars positions where redraw window  
6351 1480d 06h ashmew2 /contrib/sdk/sources/SDL-1.2.2/src/video/menuetos/ Fix getting key code in SDL  
6350 1480d 06h ashmew2 /contrib/sdk/sources/SDL-1.2.2/include/ putenv(x) -> sdlputenv(x)  
6349 1480d 06h ashmew2 /contrib/sdk/sources/SDL-1.2.2/src/ Change use_menuetlibc to use_newlibc in SDL autobuild lua file  
6348 1480d 07h ashmew2 /contrib/sdk/sources/SDL-1.2.2/src/ Fix autobuild for libSDL (Hopefully)  
6347 1480d 07h ashmew2 /contrib/sdk/sources/SDL-1.2.2/src/ Port libSDL from Menuetlibc to Newlib  
6346 1480d 07h ashmew2 /contrib/sdk/sources/newlib/libc/include/ Add SF 25 and SF 40 to newlib sources  
6345 1480d 10h serge /kernel/trunk/core/ kernel: mtdbg support code  
6344 1480d 10h serge /programs/develop/mtdbg/ mtdbg: insert small delay after new process creation  
6343 1480d 10h serge /programs/develop/tinypad/trunk/ tinypad: fixed data race.