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7660 519d 00h leency / @taskbar: remove set ButtonStyle feature as duplication of eskin
KolibriN Install update
7659 519d 16h dunkaist /programs/system/scrsaver/ Disable screen saver hack by Nasarus.  
7658 523d 00h leency / use a new screensaver, C-- a new UI component FileBox used in DIFF app  
7657 523d 10h dunkaist / Unify and files.  
7656 523d 15h dunkaist /programs/media/kiv/trunk/ kiv: add no-scaling mode and scrollbars, fixes  
7655 524d 21h leency /data/ delete unnecessary asterisk  
7654 524d 21h leency / add KolibriNext installer to ISO  
7653 525d 02h leency /data/ add wallpappers  
7652 525d 03h leency /programs/media/piano/ update piano Tupfile.lua adding generation  
7651 525d 03h leency /data/ ups, fix  
7650 525d 03h leency / ataka: fix window height, translate to English, move to ISO
piano: translate to English
7649 527d 02h leency /programs/ move programs to /other/outdated folder: copy2, imgview, mv, dictionary
upload correct mfar sources
7648 528d 17h leency / eyes: fix blinking
piano: add to rus IMG, make the code more flexible
graph: big fonts
7647 528d 22h leency / APM: slightly update UI and add it to IMG
ICONS32.PNG: new mouse and APM icons, update SYSMON icons
KFONT viewer: add colored mode, on by default
7646 533d 02h leency / mousecfg: load COM-mouse driver option
piano: upload to SVN
minimp3: reupload to SVN and add it to ISO
7645 538d 02h leency /programs/cmm/ Eolite: fix weird crash on the real PC after r7491  
7644 539d 00h leency / 1. loaddrv: show load drv result, show hint on error
2. no need to use for only one mcall
3. small fix in sysfuncs.txt
4. remove duplicated vendors in pcidev app
7643 541d 22h leency /data/ Add forgotten slash  
7642 541d 22h leency / Fix FCEU save folder path and window width
Add 4 freeware NES games to Templates folder
Update SNTP by Coldy
7641 543d 16h leency /data/common/ small fix  

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