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5084 2139d 19h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/ oops, restore tabulation in Makefile  
5083 2139d 19h clevermouse / remove kernel/trunk/drivers, (root)/drivers is now the place for all drivers  
5082 2139d 22h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/ cleanup compile-time re-encoding macroses, no changes in binary  
5081 2140d 16h serge /contrib/sdk/sources/ mesa: build gbm_gallium_drm.dll  
5080 2140d 17h serge /contrib/sdk/sources/Mesa/ mesa: build libgallium.a  
5079 2140d 19h serge / move incomplete uart.asm into /drivers/old  
5078 2141d 01h serge /drivers/video/drm/ drm i915: 3.17-rc3  
5077 2141d 01h clevermouse / * sound drivers converted to PE
* sound driver selector: revert r5071 and fix the problem properly
* sis: integrate changes from drivers/audio/sisnbook, add to autobuild
* intelac97: fix clicks during play on VBox
* intel_hda: fix problems at shutdown
5076 2141d 02h hidnplayr /drivers/mouse/ More reliable third button.  
5075 2141d 03h hidnplayr / Com mouse driver: added support for third button.  
5074 2141d 23h hidnplayr /drivers/ Removed old and, replaced with newer, better versions.  
5073 2141d 23h hidnplayr / Converted 3c59x driver to PE format.  
5072 2142d 15h hidnplayr / Improved com mouse driver, converted to PE format.  
5071 2143d 17h hidnplayr /drivers/audio/ Bugfix for new sound.sys  
5070 2143d 17h hidnplayr / Converted sound driver selector to PE format.  
5069 2143d 21h serge /contrib/sdk/samples/Mesa/ sdk: build gears for egl and osmesa  
5068 2143d 21h serge /contrib/sdk/sources/ sdk: update libdrm  
5067 2143d 21h hidnplayr / moved ensoniq driver to drivers/unfinished  
5066 2143d 21h hidnplayr / Converted unfinished cardbus and AGP drivers to PE, moved to drivers/unfinished  
5065 2144d 00h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ debug information changes.  

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