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5044 2425d 18h clevermouse / convert tmpdisk and ps2mouse to PE  
5043 2427d 10h ashmew2 /contrib/network/netsurf/netsurf/ Added netsurf files  
5042 2427d 16h gtament /drivers/usb/usbftdi/ Small fix for buffer address in ftdi_write_data. Added some error checks  
5041 2427d 16h gtament /programs/other/ft232cc/ Changed init part, added internal flags  
5040 2427d 17h clevermouse /data/ fix build  
5039 2427d 17h clevermouse / support for stripped PE headers in drivers; declare COFF drivers deprecated  
5038 2428d 10h gtament /drivers/usb/usbftdi/ Fixed include paths typo  
5037 2428d 10h gtament /drivers/usb/usbftdi/ Small fix in ftdi_get_list. Added memset in ftdi_read_data  
5036 2429d 10h gtament /drivers/usb/usbftdi/ Fixed include paths typo. Small improvement in linkedlist_isvalid  
5035 2429d 10h gtament /drivers/usb/usbftdi/ Small bugfixes. Fixed stack problem in ftdi_set_baudrate. Updated license header  
5034 2429d 10h gtament /programs/other/ft232cc/ App allows controlling pins of FTDI chip in SyncBB mode. Very first version, UI problems  
5033 2430d 13h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/ deep sleep on Intel SSE3+ CPUs  
5032 2430d 17h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/ don't rely on BIOS for returning to real mode  
5031 2431d 16h clevermouse / speed up booting in some configurations  
5030 2433d 17h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/detect/ don't try to detect CD if controller doesn't respond to device select  
5029 2434d 05h hidnplayr /programs/develop/libraries/menuetlibc/ Fixed __menuet__set_bitfield_for_wanted_events in libc to allow bits 30 and 31 be set.  
5028 2434d 08h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/boot/ fix r5012  
5027 2434d 10h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/hid/ numlock on at boot  
5026 2435d 22h Serge /data/common/fonts/ Istok && Droid fonts  
5025 2436d 10h Serge /contrib/sdk/samples/freetype/txview/ freetype sample: resize window and font  

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