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398 4876d 00h Ghost /programs/develop/fast_call_test/ Fast call demo program update  
397 4876d 02h serge /kernel/branches/flat_kernel/ fixed init_page_map  
396 4876d 06h Lrz /programs/develop/examples/editbox/trunk/ upgrade editbox 07.03.2007  
395 4876d 09h serge /kernel/branches/flat_kernel/ fixed #pf handler  
394 4876d 19h serge /kernel/branches/flat_kernel/ high kernel  
393 4876d 21h serge /kernel/branches/flat_kernel/ power off, reboot, restart  
392 4876d 21h serge /kernel/trunk/ add prefix @ to thread name  
391 4877d 00h Lrz /programs/develop/examples/editbox/trunk/ upgrade editbox  
390 4877d 02h serge /kernel/branches/flat_kernel/ fixed IDE DMA  
389 4877d 17h serge /kernel/trunk/ fixed bug in init_LFB()  
388 4877d 17h serge /kernel/branches/flat_kernel/ not flat yet  
387 4877d 18h serge /kernel/branches/flat_kernel/ create branch  
386 4878d 19h mikedld /programs/system/mgb/ Added MGB 0.3 (disassembled and modified by me)  
385 4879d 21h mikedld /kernel/branches/gfx_kernel/network/eth_drv/ Updated gfx_kernel to revision #383  
384 4879d 21h mikedld /kernel/branches/gfx_kernel/ Updated gfx_kernel to revision #383  
383 4881d 16h heavyiron /programs/develop/examples/ removed old optionbox, very small fixes in radiobutton, checkbox, modified template  
382 4881d 16h heavyiron /programs/other/calc/trunk/ calc 1.32 - fixed arccos  
381 4881d 18h serge /kernel/trunk/ replace all vars whith symbolic constants  
380 4883d 04h serge /kernel/trunk/ replace vars 0x8000 0xC000 0xC004 0xD000 0x80000 whith symbolic constants
379 4883d 06h serge /kernel/trunk/ 1)fixed wrong exported LFB address
2)replace 0x3000 0x3004 0x3010 0x3020 whith symbolic constants

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