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9336 1h 22m akron1 /programs/develop/cedit/ CEdit: ctrl+left/right moves the cursor to the next or previous word; small changes  
9335 7h 43m Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL][TEST] Speed up UMKa testing before multithreading  
9334 7h 47m Boppan /kernel/trunk/test/common/ [KERNEL][TEST] Make qemu tests more robust  
9333 7h 52m Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL][TEST] Make UMKa tests position independent  
9332 8h 48m Boppan /kernel/trunk/test/common/ [KERNEL][TEST] Make it possible to run qemu tests concurently  
9331 8h 54m Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL][TEST] Make qemu tests position-independent  
9330 9h 08m Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL][TEST] Save UMKa C objects in umka/build/  
9329 9h 18m Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL][TEST] Refactor UMKA build  
9328 19h 12m Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL][TEST] Integrate UMKA  
9327 19h 28m Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL][TEST] Build UMKA if not built  
9326 19h 33m Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL][TEST] Build UMKA if not built  
9325 19h 35m Boppan /kernel/trunk/umka/ [KERNEL][UMKA] Initial commit  
9324 20h 43m Boppan /kernel/trunk/test/common/ [KERNEL][TEST] Log stdout and stderr of qemu into files  
9323 20h 45m Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL][TEST] Run serial tests in separated thread  
9322 21h 02m Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL][TEST] Prepare for multithreading  
9321 21h 10m Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL][TEST] Refactor  
9320 1d 02h Boppan /kernel/trunk/test/ [KERNEL][TEST] Remove unused test and change author string  
9319 1d 02h Boppan /kernel/trunk/test/common/ [KERNEL][TEST] Make it run on Windows  
9318 1d 18h leency /programs/cmm/browser/ WebView: bugfixes  
9317 1d 19h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL][TEST] Fix makeflop usage and small details  

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