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7467 50m leency / t_edit: compress images so binary file size decreased from 11558 to 9237, better INI color scheme, set INI associations to TextEdit  
7466 17h 35m leency /programs/ @open:
- fix new association adding [Critical]
- use system color for file path
- new feature: color schemes
- reopen option "Other" opens file in @open (thanks punk_joker for idea)
7465 21h 08m leency /programs/network/ftpc/ ftpc: use tab to switch between editboxes  
7464 21h 32m leency /programs/network/ftpc/ ftpc 0.12a:
- bigger fonts in editbox
- press enter to login
- compressed images: 3 sectors instead of 5, system icons
7463 1d 00h nisargshah95 /programs/network/ftpc/ disable Cancel button when not downloading  
7462 1d 04h leency /programs/cmm/ Eolite 4.0: use system colors, decrease app size
TxtRead 1.22: add menu to reopen file in other viewer/editor, not only in tinypad
7461 1d 10h theonlymirage /programs/other/ha/ @HOTANGLES fix code in trim (symbol "tab")  
7460 1d 11h theonlymirage /programs/other/ha/ Hot Angles: Little code cleaning  
7459 1d 12h theonlymirage /programs/other/ha/ Hot Angles 0.3.7: support parameters for running programs; improved mode 3; more settings supported by the configurator; updated readme  
7458 1d 18h leency / mos3de: add to ISO
arcanii: UI update, fix F1/F2 labels
7457 2d 07h 0CodErr /programs/develop/libraries/InputBox/Examples/ add InputBox examples  
7456 2d 07h 0CodErr /data/ move inputbox to "lib" folder  
7455 2d 08h 0CodErr /data/ add InputBox to autobuild  
7454 2d 08h 0CodErr /programs/develop/libraries/InputBox/ fix mistake in tupfile  
7453 2d 08h 0CodErr /programs/develop/libraries/InputBox/ fix mistake in tupfile  
7452 2d 08h 0CodErr /programs/develop/libraries/InputBox/ upload InputBox library  
7451 3d 18h leency /programs/system/searchap/ fix label name  
7450 4d 01h leency /programs/cmm/ cmm: fix regression which increased all app size  
7449 4d 04h leency /programs/ searchap: first mount attempt without delay, second mount attempt with delay (default 5 seconds); by Mario request  
7448 4d 21h theonlymirage /programs/other/ha/ HACONFIG: Visual patch by Leency, correction of typos in texts  

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