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7112 19h 29m dunkaist /programs/ Add -fgnu89-inline to menuetlibc related files.

One can't build programs that use menuetlibc and the library itself with
the latest toolchain from Serge because new GCC assumes C99 inline
semantics. Fix it by passing -fgnu89-inline option to such programs.
7111 2d 14h akron1 /data/common/ fb2read v0.9b: remove italic style  
7110 2d 15h akron1 /programs/develop/oberon07/ oberon07: fix for r7107, NEW/DISPOSE support multi-thread mode  
7109 15d 12h leency /programs/network/netsurf/ small fix from hidplayr  
7108 16d 04h hidnplayr /programs/network/tcpserv/ Added some comments to TCP server demo app.  
7107 16d 06h akron1 /programs/develop/oberon07/ Oberon07: some extensions  
7106 16d 10h leency /programs/network/netsurf/ nsinstall: add notify dialog to show downloading progress;
TODO (not for me): change 'nsinstall' icon to 'netsurf'
7105 18d 01h dunkaist /programs/develop/libraries/libs-dev/libimg/ libimg: add img.from_file, refactor img.convert.

Add new function, img.from_file: gets file name and returns decoded Image.
Make img.convert code less spaghetti: use jump table, not a chain of jmp's.
7104 23d 02h leency /programs/ Eolite: fix small issue, add description to  
7103 29d 06h 0CodErr /kernel/trunk/gui/ fix for draw not ASCIIZ  
7102 29d 11h 0CodErr /skins/Leency/Shkvorka/ fix SkinMargins.Right  
7101 32d 01h hidnplayr /programs/develop/libraries/http/ HTTP_escape, HTTP_unescape, check for end of buffer.  
7100 32d 01h hidnplayr /programs/network/pasta/ PASTA: use instead of  
7099 32d 02h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/network/ Use tcp_output instead of tcp_respond to send delayed acks, we need it for correct window advertisement amongst other things...  
7098 32d 03h ashmew2 /kernel/trunk/network/ Fix TCP window size in tcp_respond  
7097 32d 07h leency /data/ icons32.png: nsinstall and netsurf icons  
7096 32d 23h leency /programs/cmm/ Backgen 0.6  
7095 32d 23h leency /data/common/ updated icons  
7094 35d 13h hidnplayr /programs/develop/libraries/http/ Updated readme.  
7093 35d 13h hidnplayr /programs/network/ Remove build.bat  

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