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  1. Purpose: when it is started (from Win95/98/ME), (correctly) unloads Windows
  2. and loads KolibriOS instead.
  4. Installation is not required.
  6. Start:
  7.         9x2klbr [[drive:]\[path\][image_name]]
  8. Image file must be situated on hard disk.
  9. Default values: drive C:, root folder, image kolibri.img.
  10. Path and image name must contain only characters from first half of
  11. ASCII-table. In particular, there must be no russian letters.
  13. FAT: Only short names of folders and file are accepted, i.e. progra~1 instead
  14. of Program Files; for names such as kolibri and menuet.075 (no more than
  15. 8 characters in name, no more than 3 characters in extension, no special
  16. characters) this is satisfied automatically, in general case short name can be
  17. found out, for example, in Explorer dialog "Properties" (in column
  18. "MS-DOS name").
  20. If this requirements are not satisfied, loader will not format drive :-)
  21. but simply says 'not found'.
  23. Examples:
  24.         9x2klbr d:\download\kolibri\kolibri1.img
  25.         9x2klbr c:\progra~1\kolibri\
  26.         9x2klbr \progra~1\kolibri\
  27.                 (will load from kolibri.img)
  28.         9x2klbr e:\
  29.                 (equivalent to 9x2klbr e:\kolibri.img)
  30.         9x2klbr
  31.                 (without parameters; equivalent to 9x2klbr c:\kolibri.img)
  33.                                                 diamond
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