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  1. The tool pe2kos is written by Rabid Rabbit and slightly rectified by me,
  2. diamond. It is used in projects xonix and fara (the author is Rabid Rabbit),
  3. written in Visual C++, at last step after a compilation, when it is needed
  4. to get from a program in the Windows-exe format a true Kolibri-program.
  5. The tool only converts the format of executable, so to get working program
  6. one must satisfy to certain conditions. Of course, a program must
  7. communicate with the outer world by Kolibri facilities (i.e. int 0x40)
  8. and must not use any Windows-libraries. In addition program is required
  9. to be placed on zero address (linker option "/base:0"). How to write
  10. such programs - look to already mentioned projects xonix and fara.
  11. There is two versions of the tool: for programs which use path to executable
  12. file (last dword in MENUET01-header), and others.
  13. Select wanted version.
  14. Usage: (in command line) "pe2kos <source file> <destination file>".
  15. For example, "pe2kos xonix.exe xonix".