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  1. #!/bin/sh
  2. # Generate quake-rogue.spec
  3. # $1 is version
  4. # $2 is release
  5. # $3 is install dir (assumed to be in /var/tmp)
  6. cat <<EOF
  7. %define name quake-rogue
  8. %define version ${1}
  9. %define release ${2}
  10. %define builddir \$RPM_BUILD_DIR/%{name}-%{version}
  11. Name:           %{name}
  12. Version:        %{version}
  13. Release:        %{release}
  14. Vendor:         id Software/Rogue Entertainment
  15. Packager:       Dave "Zoid" Kirsch <>
  16. URL:  
  17. Source:         quake-rogue-%{version}.tar.gz
  18. BuildArchitectures: noarch
  19. Group:          Games
  20. Copyright:      Restricted
  21. Icon:           quake.gif
  22. BuildRoot:      /var/tmp/%{name}-%{version}
  23. Summary:        Quake Rogue Mission Pack #2: Dissolution of Eternity
  25. %description
  27. 16 entirely new, and totally intense levels! The environmental experience of
  28. Quake is unparalleled. Dissolution of Eternity sustains the same dynamic
  29. sense of reality and dramatic visuals; yet adds an impression of purpose
  30. and continuity. This expansion pack is most definitely not a conglomeration
  31. of clone levels!
  33. 8 new monsters! Quake is solid, hard-hitting action with a host of evil
  34. enemies. We've made additions to the Quake monster roster to intensify the
  35. action and fill every dimly lit and evil corner of the game.
  37. 4 new weapons! The Quake weapons are awesome, but we've pushed them beyond
  38. that with the addition of extreme power-ups to make the arsenal more
  39. effective, and more deadly.
  41. Oh yeah, the Power-Ups!
  43. Single player mode power-ups include:
  45. The Anti-Grav Belt. The theory here is simple. It counters the force of
  46. gravity and allows the player to make difficult jumps.
  48. The Power Shield. This 'little gem' significantly decreases the damage you
  49. receive from most enemy attacks. If you're feelin' frisky in Deathmatch,
  50. try out the ram attack. It's an added 'weapon' to send your opponents flying.
  52. Deathmatch will introduce the player to:
  54. The Vengeance Sphere. We'd like you to experience it before we let you in on
  55. what it does. Here's a hint: Ultimate retribution from the grave!
  57. Random Respawn. This feature will toss in a bit of Deathmatch variety. Hey,
  58. we can't be responsible for what awesome power up 'pops up' next.
  60. Multi-player!
  62. Normal Deathmatch. Friend fraggin' action!
  63. Team Play. Bring a friend, to kill a foe.
  64. Tag. You played it as a kid, but nothin' says "Tag!" like a face full of
  65. Plasma.
  67. And, a much enhanced version of Capture the Flag!
  68. Capture the Flag. You've seen it on the Internet; now it's in your hands.
  69. Additional value, additional excitement, and additional Deathmatch 'down and
  70. dirty' devastation. CTF is one of the most exciting team multi-player
  71. directions for Quake to date; and the most popular too!
  73. Including two brand new CTF features.
  75. One Flag - It's a mad race for the flag, the loser gets a rocket up his
  76. privates.
  77. Three Team - Red, Blue, and the new Rogue (pun intended) Grey team. The good
  78. news? You can take either flag and bring to it either Red or Blue base. The
  79. bad news? You don't have your own base!
  81. Also, a collection of lethal environmental hazards have been placed at every
  82. turn. They are challenging, and terminal! Here are just a few of them.
  84. The Pendulums - Set to slice the player to shreds when he least expects it!
  85. Lightning Shooters - Well, they shoot lightning and can be directed at any
  86. angle to make some rooms extremely hazardous.
  87. Lava Nail Shooters - Well, they shoot, you get the idea here!
  88. Earthquakes - Earthshaking environments! Level areas that tremor with
  89. seismic activity. Now the Quake player can literally quake!
  90. Buzz Saws - Compact. Cordless. And completely gib-o-matic! These dreaded
  91. traps are set in floors and ceilings.
  93. %install
  95. %files
  96. %attr(644,root,root) $3/rogue/pak0.pak
  97. %attr(644,root,root) $3/rogue/docs/manual.doc
  98. %attr(644,root,root) $3/rogue/docs/manual.htm
  99. %attr(644,root,root) $3/rogue/docs/manual.txt
  100. %attr(644,root,root) $3/rogue/docs/readme.doc
  101. %attr(644,root,root) $3/rogue/docs/readme.htm
  102. %attr(644,root,root) $3/rogue/docs/readme.txt
  103. %attr(644,root,root) $3/rogue/docs/ctf.doc
  104. %attr(644,root,root) $3/rogue/docs/ctf.htm
  105. %attr(644,root,root) $3/rogue/docs/ctf.txt
  107. EOF