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Ignore whitespace Rev 135 → Rev 156

Cannot display: file marked as a binary type.
svn:mime-type = application/octet-stream
28,6 → 28,8
;80Ver prompt edit fatal bug deleted, antiflick when move list up/down
;81Ver Save Dialog bug deleted
;82Ver Rewritten to function 70. Corrected work with scrollbar.
;83Ver CD-ROM support
;84Ver URL line editor corrected
;1560000 bytes memory!
72,6 → 74,30
je no_hdpartition_on_hd3
mov [hdimg4], aHD3
test byte [edx+1], 80h
jz @f
mov [hdimg1], aCD0
mov [hdimg1+4], 'CD-R'
mov [hdimg1+8], 'OM '
test byte [edx+1], 20h
jz @f
mov [hdimg2], aCD1
mov [hdimg2+4], 'CD-R'
mov [hdimg2+8], 'OM '
test byte [edx+1], 8
jz @f
mov [hdimg3], aCD2
mov [hdimg3+4], 'CD-R'
mov [hdimg3+8], 'OM '
test byte [edx+1], 2
jz @f
mov [hdimg4], aCD3
mov [hdimg4+4], 'CD-R'
mov [hdimg4+8], 'OM '
mov eax,40
mov ebx,0100111b
167,7 → 193,7
mov ecx,tempimg ;src
mov edx,hdico ;dest
mov ebp,9
mov ebp,10
call getimgproc
add edx,9*12*3+8
316,6 → 342,8
cmp ah,key_Left
jne no_con_left
cmp [cursor], 0
jz still
dec [cursor]
mov [flick],2
jmp anti_flick ;red
322,6 → 350,9
cmp ah,key_Right
jne no_con_right
mov eax, [cursor]
cmp byte [path+eax], 0
jz still
inc [cursor]
mov [flick],2
jmp anti_flick ;red
344,7 → 375,6
mov ecx,[cursor]
dec ecx
mov ebp,1022
cmp byte [path+ebp], 0
jnz still
450,6 → 480,8
rep stosb
jmp still
sub edi, path+1
mov [cursor], edi
pop edi
; name appended, now read new directory
mov [filecursor],0
708,6 → 740,8
jmp still
sub ecx, edi
lea eax, [edi-path]
mov [cursor], eax
xor eax, eax
rep stosb
mov [filecursor],0
1084,7 → 1118,7
db ' ~~~~~ SYSTEM X-TREE ~~~~~ '
db ' INFO 82 Ver '
db ' INFO 84 Ver '
db ' '
db ' Create by Pavlushin Evgeni '
db 'with ASCL library special for Kolibri OS'
1801,6 → 1835,11
push rdico+8
jmp out_ico
cmp [edx+4],dword 'CD-R'
jne no_cdico
push cdico+8
jmp out_ico
push folico+8
jmp out_ico
2052,16 → 2091,14
je nstep2
cmp [path+4],byte '/'
je nstep2
mov ecx,1
cmp [path+1],word 'RD'
jne nostep_RD
mov ecx,1
jmp loxpt
jz loxpt
cmp [path+1],word 'CD'
jz loxpt
mov ecx,2
cmp [path+1],word 'FD'
jne nostep_FD
mov ecx,2
jmp loxpt
jz loxpt
cmp [path+1],dword 'HD0'
jne nostep_HD0
movzx ecx,byte [table_area+2]
2434,6 → 2471,10
aHD1 db 'HD1',0
aHD2 db 'HD2',0
aHD3 db 'HD3',0
aCD0 db 'CD0',0
aCD1 db 'CD1',0
aCD2 db 'CD2',0
aCD3 db 'CD3',0
a1 db '1',0,0
a2 db '2',0,0
a3 db '3',0,0
2585,6 → 2626,8
rb 12*9*3+8
rb 12*9*3+8
rb 12*9*3+8
tempimg: ;reserve ram for images
rb 400*100*3+8 ;for picture